Car Key Replacement

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Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement in Broward & Palm Beach Counties

If you misplace your car keys or they get broken or stuck in the door or ignition lock, in a situation where you do not have a duplicate key, then you will most definitely need key replacement services. This is where we come in. We offer car key replacement service for car owners who have lost their original car key and are without duplicates. Car key replacement service is slightly different from car key cutting. While both services produce duplicates of the original car key, car key replacement service does so without the use of an extra key.

Our technicians make use of a code machine which works by allowing a new key to be cut using a specific code such that there is no need for a duplicate key. You will find our car key replacement services very useful in situations of car lockouts where you are unable to access you keys. The time the key making process takes generally varies depending on how complex the code of your key is but we will be fast enough so that you can get back inside your car and get on with the rest of your day.

Key Fob Replacement

Thanks to the key fob, you can now automatically lock or unlock the locks on your car doors from a distance with just the press of a button. It takes away the stress of having to manually engage the locks to either lock or unlock the doors of your car. However, the key fobs of modern automotive cars can now do a lot more than just locking and unlocking car doors. Some car key fobs have also been electronically configured to start the ignition of the vehicle as well. With the convenience offered by the key fob, it is easy to see why they are so important to car owners.

The more control these type of car keys have on your vehicle's on-board computer, the more important they are to you. And as such, losing one would be a matter of concern. Fortunately, if you ever lose your key fob, we offer key fob replacement services to help replace the missing key fob. Once you get a new one, we can also help you in removing the old key fob from your car's computer to ensure that the old key can no longer access your vehicle in case they fall into the wrong hands.

We have a team of skilled and capable automotive lock technicians who have been adequately trained on how to make new car keys using the coding machine. Our technicians are licensed and quite knowledgeable and they will handle your auto locksmith needs in a professional and friendly manner. When you request our automotive locksmith services, we will arrive at your location in our locksmith service vehicle which has been sufficiently equipped with the latest lock and key tools as well as the high-tech computers and machines that we will need to make new car keys for you on the spot.

We offer round the clock car key and key fob replacement emergency service, fair pricing and fast response times. Give us a call whenever you need our automotive locksmith services and we will get your sorted out before you know it.

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