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Imagine you have an important appointment you need to attend, or you have to pick up the kids from school but you are locked out of your car and you are stuck there, unsure of what to do. It can be worse if it happens at night or in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. As much as everyone hopes this doesn't happen to them, auto lockouts happen all the time. These cases are a lot more frequent than you might imagine. Being locked out of your car can be quite a frustrating predicament and it is easy to panic when you are in such situation. No matter what you do, do not try to force your car doors open for any reason as you might end up damaging your car which as a consequence, will have you spending more on car repairs than necessary.

Instead of panicking or trying to resolve your auto lock issues on your own, you can hire our automobile locksmith services. Our locksmith company is well equipped with the latest technology, state of the art tools and expert auto locksmith technicians who have received extensive training on how to handle all automotive lock hardware and security system. We can provide car owners with efficient and high-quality service that will not bring any more damage to your car. You might need our automotive locksmith services at any time of the day and to ensure that you are never left stranded when you need us, we offer around the clock availability. So, whenever you need us, just put a call across and we will be there to provide you with on-the-spot assistance.

Our services are quite affordable so you do not have to worry about breaking the bank to get professional and high-quality automotive locksmith services. All our automotive locksmiths are certified and we run a registered and licensed company. So, if reliability and trustworthiness is what you are looking for in an automotive locksmith, you will find it in us.

Broken car keys and auto lockouts will always happen. Now, while there is nothing, we can do on prevent it from happening, we can help you fix it to avoid worsening the situation. That's why we offer the full array of automotive locksmith services including transponder key duplication and programming services, unlocking of doors, trunks and compartments within the vehicle, repair for keyless entry, break in repairs etc. Below is a review of our most popular automotive locksmith services.

Car Lockout

If you are locked out of your car, simply put a call across to us and we will be there in no time to help you unlock your car. Our technicians are equipped with a wide array of the necessary tools needed to unlock vehicles without damaging any part of the car. The slim jim and wedges are two of the most common tools used in unlocking cars but our technicians will analyse the situation to determine which unlock method will be most effective while minimizing damage to your car. The important thing is to stay calm while we are on the way and refrain from doing irrational things just to get inside your car.

Car Key Duplication

Most issues of car lockouts would not be a major issue if people had duplicates of their car keys. These duplicates can come in handy when you can't find the original keys to your car or maybe you locked them inside your car somehow. Our experienced auto locksmiths have the required skills and knowledge needed to correctly duplicate car keys.

Car key duplication is a specialized type of key cutting and it requires some amount of automation, special machines, key readers and key duplicators. There is an artistry to this process and it cannot be efficiently done by all auto locksmiths. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you let the pros handle this type of job. We are the professionals you need; just give us your original copy and we will return it back to you with as many duplicates as you want.

Transponder Key Programming

Transponder chips provide an extra level of security to cars. They were integrated into car keys to minimize the frequency of hammer attacks and hot wiring. So how does the transponder chip work? When a properly shaped key is inserted in the ignition, an electric charge is sent out. This charge is what powers the transponder chip in the key which will then signal the transceiver in the car to start. So, if your original car key had the chip and you cut new keys, without integrating or programming your transponder chip, your car will most likely not respond to the new key.

We offer transponder key programming services to provide car owners with keys that will work with their car's computer. We can cut your new car keys, insert and program the transponder chips for you. However, even if you had already cut new car keys, you can still bring it to our auto locksmith for the transponder programming.

Car Lock Rekeying

If you need to rekey your ignition for whatever reason, we've got you covered. Our auto locksmiths will help you rearrange the components of your car's ignition lock so that they can only start with a new key without having to replace the ignition cylinder or switch, which is a more expensive locksmith service. Rekeying the ignition means that you will only need a new key for the ignition lock and the old key will still be able to open other exterior locks - your car doors and trunk. However, if you want to service and rekey all your car locks so that they can only open with the new key, we can help you do that as well.

Other Auto Locksmith Services

In addition to the aforementioned services, we can also help car owners with the extraction of broken car keys whether it is stuck in the ignition or any of the exterior locks, the replacement of car ignition cylinder and switch, unlocking of trunks and glove compartments, break in repairs, replacement of car keys, replacement and programming of key fobs and many more. Even if you do not see the auto locksmith service you need here, let us know what your problem is and we will work with you to devise a locksmith solution that will work for your car.

If you are after high quality yet affordable locksmith services, we are the locksmith company you need. Our service are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to car owners all over the area. We will work with you to ensure that we develop professional solution for your home, car or business. If you want to learn more about the services we provide or you want to make an appointment, we will only be too happy to hear from you. Contact us today.

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