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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions about how our lock technicians operate? Do you need more information regarding our services? This FAQ page can provide you with some answers.

A: Definitely! As a matter of fact, we do not have a "list" of the services we offer. Those mentioned on our services page are just the most popular and commonly requested locksmith services. Whatever your locksmith needs may be, regardless of what the situation entails, we are never more than a phone call away. Just let us know about your situation and our expert lock technicians will develop a solution that will take care of your needs.

A: Rekey is a term in the locksmith industry used to describe the process of changing the combination to a lock by replacing some pins so that the lock can no longer be opened by its original key. If you get a lock rekeyed, you will be given a new key that will work with the new combination as the old key will be rendered useless.

A: You may need to rekey you’re locks to your home or business in the following situations;

  • If you just moved into a newly purchased home or business location.
  • If you believe your keys have been stolen or if you misplaced them and you are worried, they might fall into the wrong hands.
  • If an employee who has access to the keys leaves your business.
  • If you suspect that someone may have duplicated the keys to your home or business without your permission.

The primary reason why you should get the locks in your house or business rekeyed is for your own peace of mind. If you are unsure of how many people have had access to your keys, then it might be a good idea to have your locks rekeyed. Our rekeying service could help you avoid ever having to deal with an attack, a break in or other crimes.

A: A master key is basically a key which can open multiple locks. While regular keys are typically cut to match one lock, the master key can lock and unlock every lock in a specific group of locks. Master keys are typically used by property managers, landlords and business owners. Anyone who manages an apartment complex or office building will need a master key which will give them access to all the apartments or offices in the building. This way, they do not have to carry a bunch of keys when they want to access to multiple rooms with different door locks.

A: Yes, we can. Transponder keys are not like ordinary car keys. They are high security keys integrated with a transponder chip which is programmed to work with the car's transceiver in order to start the car. As a result of transponder chip, the duplication process of these type of keys requires special automation. Nonetheless, we offer duplication and programming of transponder keys for car owners. We will easily cut your car keys, insert and program the transponder chip without any stress.

A: We do not have a fixed response time when it comes to responding to emergencies. The time our technicians will take to get to you will be dependent on your actual location. Our ultimate aim is to provide our customers with prompt and reliable service and our lock technicians will go to great lengths to ensure we do.

A: We are a full-service locksmith company. Some of our routine and commonly requested services include deadbolt installation, smart lock installation, lock rekeying, combination changes, house and car lockouts, lock rekeying, lock replacement, break-in repairs, broken key extraction, fob key programming and so many more. We consistently aim to stay up to date with the latest lock systems and technologies to ensure that we can provide our customers with effective solutions to all their locksmith needs.

A: You might end up doing more damage to your locks by trying to resolve your locksmith issues on your own. You should only allow skilled and qualified professionals who are experienced and have been well trained on how to handle locks take care of your lock and security issues. Our technicians can provide you with better and more effective solutions to your luck concerns that will work in a more efficient manner.

A: The short answer is: do nothing. It might be tempting to try to force out the key but that could lead to a broken key so you should not try it. In more severe cases, you may damage your ignition lock in the process of trying to remove stuck keys. This will only leave you with more expensive repairs than necessary. So, in situations like this, the best thing to do is to call professional locksmiths for assistance. We can help you extract your key from the ignition without damaging the lock and if the lock is already damaged, we will offer you our professional advice on the right solution that will fix the issue.

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